Hip Flexors and ‘Cross

Late last week I had a bit of relief from pain in my hip.  There were long stretches where I was actually pain-free.  Friday was great, Saturday was even better.  I spun on the trainer for 10 minutes on Sunday and was feeling a little tight after I stretched.  As the day progressed I felt a little bit of something in a familiar spot: my hip flexor.  Monday I walked around quite a bit and the pain started up again.  Today my physical therapist confirmed that the tendonitis was still there.  I did some my core exercises, light spinning and some strength exercises that don’t directly involve the hip flexor.  The best that I can do for the tendonitis is rest, I’m told.  The thing I just can’t do right now is rest.  I live in a 4th floor walk up.  I walk all over the Capitol Building for work.  I have to crouch, squat, kneel, and flex my hip to get pictures.   Having a stretch of pain-free living was great and shows that I’m improving.  I feel like I’m at a spot where I can turn the corner.  I will do everything I can to get better.  These setbacks happen, I’m told.  I’m anxious to get better and to get back on the bike.

In other news (and since I like to have photos on here) Sunday morning I headed out to Winchester to photograph the Winchester Apple Cross race.  I had to work in the afternoon so I could only photograph the morning races so I snapped away at the Cat 4, Juniors, Women’s 4 and the Men’s 3/4 35+.  I have a few friends and teammates in the races so it’s great to cheer on people and document them a bit.  Cross makes for great pictures, no doubt.  Here’s a few of my favorites from Sunday:

The Belgian Wall

More pictures can be seen at my Photoshelter site here.

In my next post I’ll talk about my cycling plans for next year.


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Professional photographer, amateur cyclist, and occasional player of the blues.

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