Somewhere, down there, someone is riding a bike. I am not. For a while.

Yesterday I had my first post-cortisone physical therapy session. I did the usual 15 minutes on the table hooked up to the electro-shock machine and then was stretched. Sounds like torture, right? The electro-shock pads are placed around my hip near the surgery scars and then I select a level of stimulation I can tolerate. It contracts the muscles in a sequence for 15 minutes. After that I am stretched by the therapist in various ways. I usually do a sequence of spinning on a bike, weight machines, and exercises, however on Monday all I did was the stretching. And it is going to be like that for a month. No bike. At all. Not even the 5 minutes a day of light spinning I was doing. No strength training, no leg lifts, no squats, nothing. Because of the tendinitis I’ve been experiencing, I am relegated to the bottom of the recovery timeline and I don’t like it.

I have no idea what my timeline for training is going to be. I was hoping to begin riding outdoors at the end of this month. Now, I don’t know. I have a follow up appointment on November 12th with my doctor and hopefully I will get a better idea of what to expect then. As of now I’m in a holding pattern. I need to rest, follow my protocols for stretching at home, and go to physical therapy once a week. I will do as I am directed by the professionals and make do. Maybe I’ll watch Cancellara’s run of dominance in the 2010 spring classics. Maybe I’ll stock up on Honey Stinger Waffles.

I’ll definitely be photographing some ‘cross races, including DCCX this Sunday. I plan to have enough pics at the end of cross season to put together a book. I’m pretty excited about this, it’s my first attempt at a photo book that wasn’t a portfolio and I couldn’t imagine a better topic.

Unrelated to cycling or my hip surgery, I photographed the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter today. While it was out to sea. Which meant I flew out on a MV-22 Osprey to get there. It was pretty awesome.


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Professional photographer, amateur cyclist, and occasional player of the blues.

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