What the duece?!?

Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Things at work have been crazy and time just seems to get away from me. On the upside, I have been riding quite a bit. If I can’t ride AND blog, I’d rather ride. It’s just that simple.

April was a great month for me. I ended up getting a new power meter (more on that in a little bit), a new bike, and rode 18 days. That’s the most in one month since 2010! I typically kept my rides around an hour or so, at a relatively decent pace. Mostly in the little ring, or on the SSCX up the tow path and back.

May has been pretty good. My intensity has gone up a little bit, but not too much. I’m logging more miles and going to other places than Hains Point, though that’s my main riding spot. I even jumped in a “crazy train” one Thursday night. That was an experience, for sure. Nothing like holding 30 mph in a huge pack of riders.

For the most part, I’m not concerned about intensity as I am just logging miles and getting time in the saddle. Running the heart rate up every now and then is fine, and testing to see how hard I can go is alright, but my main goal right now is to build a base, get comfortable riding, get my hip flexor settled down and get ready to train eventually. My plan is to see how I feel after 1,000 miles and if my hip is up for it, I’ll do a threshold test. Right now my hip is great. If I stop riding, it tends to tighten up, but as long as I ride and stretch afterward, things are fine. My right quad, the leg opposite my surgically repaired hip, has been bugging me. It tightened up on me the other day and again yesterday during a 6 minute interval workout. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I took it easy today and just spun in the little ring for 3 laps at Hains Point. I’ve got about 750 miles in the legs this year, and I’m hoping both are up to speed when I hit 1,000.

Here’s a pic of me in Squadra Coppi’s new kit, featuring title sponsor Vapiano USA. I was taking a break during a 44 mile adventure on the SSCX. It was exhausting and fun, for sure.


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Professional photographer, amateur cyclist, and occasional player of the blues.

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