Closing out 2012

2012 was a life-changing year for me. A lot has happened since my last post in September. I was on Squadra Coppi then, now I am on Gripped Racing. I raced single speed CX then, I just finished the season on a geared Cannondale Super X.

I finished my abbreviated road season racing in just 5 races. My CX season was interrupted with a bout of tendonitis in my hip flexor, so I raced just 7 CX races. However, I am ready to start building my base and training for a race I’ve been wanting to do since I first got on a bike over 3 years ago: Battenkill.

Starting in January, I will be detailing my training and race prep for Battenkill here on this blog. Everything from diet, cross-training, my core workouts, my rides, you name it. And, of course, pictures!! Lots of pictures. If you have any requests, let me know.

Thanks to all my friends, family and those that have supported me. I’m thrilled for 2013, big things are coming!

Here are some shots of me racing ‘cross this past season.


About jaywestcott

Professional photographer, amateur cyclist, and occasional player of the blues.

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